Peace Lily

Peace Lily

she does not thrash
around wildly,

silently resting in 
a bright sunbeam,

friendless maybe,
too beautiful,

intimidating all
who may approach.

another spring
morning awakens,

as the small birds
sing their magic.

it seems a big job
for so many, so small,

waking up the sun,
in golden morning glow.

she sleeps silently
no more than a story 
in my ragged book.

each burning chapter
better than the last.

we never had a
ghastly chance.

nothing changes,
all at once or ever
or now it seems. 

change might come
gradually perhaps,
but - who wants that?

who can follow
that twisted path 
on such bare rock?

perhaps i'll never know.
life might be a dream
of dreams, all broken...

7 thoughts on “Peace Lily

    1. Thank you brth!

      Thay seem to thrive on neglect. My wife says, “Your indicator plant is thirsty.” (It droops when it needs water.) I say thay it is indicating death. And then I water it. In spite of my neglect, it has grown quite large.

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