Across the Water

Across the Water

we dream our dreams
(ice across the water)

a cloud of pepper
and we sneeze,

as if to say words
that are too feeble

to say meaning
or true emotion,

(what's that like?)
we guess we may

know the way it
truly was,
or how it might be.

we dream or dreams
fog rise above this

deep half frozen lake.
we dare not guess,

(squeeking wheels
will tell us almost
nothing at all)

again, a sneeze
and this time
our eyes water,

a cloud of pepper
(what we will believe)

now the ice is gone
and monster fish
inspire legend.

such fabulous art.

2 thoughts on “Across the Water

    1. Thank you for the kindness beth. Sometimes it’s a huge struggle. I just use the words I have, but don’t know how well they will communicate what I’m trying to say. It is good to know that they work for you (and other people).

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