Tortured Tree

Tortured Tree

i don't know why
it grows like this,
this tortured tree.

looking like
six scary movies
rolled into
one tortured tree,

something seems
to have happened
here again 
and again.

maybe it grew
towards an opportunity 
we never saw,

something that
seemed to come
but disappeared,

causing this
twisted wonder
to try again,

looking for a
better way to grow.

i too look for
possibilities for

if not for my body,
which seems
fairly unimportant,
then maybe for
the real me.

12 thoughts on “Tortured Tree

  1. I wonder what species of tree this is/was? Willow? I can’t identify it from this picture and probably I wouldn’t recognise it if it’s not a tree common in the UK … C’m’on botanists, can you help?


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