Brown Bridge Pub

Brown Bridge Pub

in princeton you 
sometimes go to 
the brown bridge pub,

to tell stories and
drink some beer,

making the hard 
edges soften,

simplifying every
complicated mess
until it becomes
bearable and sleep,

of a sort, brings a 
morning thunderstorm

inside a throbbing skull
that feels like it should
belong to someone else.

colours are so bright
that it looks like a 
happy place to visit,

so bright that you 
can't imagine 
staying too long,

surely not so long
thay they'll throw
your drunken body

out the door, into an 
imaginary alley, with 
stinking garbage bins,

because that's a bit
too shameful and sad.

but those bright 
cheerful colours are
a little garish after
not many drinks,  it's
a kind of torture,

and we have to leave.

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