Grand Canal

that morning the 
north end of 
the adriatic sea,

looked like a
scene from a 
monster movie, 
after the crowd 
ran away.

venice started 
out that way, 
a barbarian army 
at the edge 
of a swamp. 

nothing much 
has changed

an awful mist 
hung over
the grand canal,

as we looked 
toward a modern 
art museum.

maybe it excited
her to support men
who might some 
day be known 
as greats.

you never know.

a carpenter 
might become 
a fisherman;

a slave might 
become a 
famous sculptor,
a plowman, a poet.

and we had faith
that sunshine
would come back.

4 thoughts on “Grand Canal

  1. Now this is profound. Chilling, like that “awful mist”.

    I shall definitely share this one with my ©Writing Our Way Whole© students, and others!

    And you have enticed me into finding out more about that part of history, and the “she” of whom you speak.

    Can anyone recommend (or lend me) an appropriate book about Venice in those times?


    1. Thank you writingpresence!

      The history I supply is limited and I have not (fact-checked) tested it.

      As I understand the ‘barbarian army’ story, that was the founding of Venice. Michaelango was the slave. Jesus was the carpenter. Robbie Burns was the plowman.

      Liked by 1 person

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