Venetian Mansions

mansions rising 
out of murky waters, 
ocean and not ocean, 
foul smelling evil swamp, 

barrier to barbarians, 
imperfect refuge, 
historical home, 

where little comfort exists, 
narrow canals slice through 
each neighborhood, 

navigated by small boats, 
some powered by solitary men, 
gliding over the brown waters, 

very beautiful in it's way, 
a refuge for desperate people, 
in a desperate day. 

beauty is in our eyes, 
our minds create a vision 
and so it is beautiful. 

old architecture is interesting, 
details from bygone mansions,
changed in our foolish minds, 
until we see a beautiful place, 
a beautiful sewer and 
we ignore the memories 
of those evil odors. 

we should be grateful 
for our imperfect memories.

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