Not So Flashy

brilliant yellow
blossoms surround
a quiet elegant lily,

not a drab flower
in the bunch!

we'll see beauty
isn't brightness,
when understanding 

something lovely
with muted tones.

so many yellow
flowers in a bunch,

a little greenery
is compulsory,
it seems,

making a pleasing
to highlight colour .

our lives seem
comfortable when
we drift blandly

saving exciting
colours and flavours
for special events,

as if a bouquet of
all-yellow blossoms
becomes uniform
and regular,

nothing standing out.

6 thoughts on “Not So Flashy

    1. Thank you Nicole!

      I’m sorry I don’t know how to type your name with the font(s) that you use.

      Often the colours for our we use subject will be the vivid ones. But, all around
      us, if we look, we can see that nature is more random in what is or is not vivid.

      I like nature’s chaos. We can learn so much from it!


      Liked by 1 person

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