New Mountain

my new mountain;
is about a mile away.

it had a fire,
burnt to the top;

it was an awful day.

how can we judge
the good from bad?

we stumble from
last night's
messed bed.

smoked filled skies - 
no big surprise.

but days when 
birds choke 
on thick smoke,

i find oppressive
in a way;

they're not my
favorite kind of day.

this is my mountain
to the east.

the golden light
is such a treat.

on any afternoon
i may
see this near
the end of day.

my new mountain
makes me feel

today is likely
to be real.

i see another view;
perspective is so easy
from the bottom
or the top.

this land rose up,
this mountain isn't new.

it's rounded off
and so i know,
a glacier ground it
many years ago.

the wind comes up;
you should see it blow!

mountains are for climbing 
for looking at and from.

i know my size and
importance when i see
a far-off mountain,
or when i'm looking down.

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