Rhododendron 2021_1

flower covered bush,
it brightens her yard.

how can he presume 
to tell her anything,

there are so many 
stories, lies to tell,

things to be said,
true or false. 

creative colouration,
no match for nature's
purple pallette.

all day long i sit,
watching for a sign:

a hummingbird
laps at the nectar
of our imagination.

we fantasize its
lively presence 
in the scene 
we wish to see

great questions
remain unanswered:

is it time for a nap?

will we see a 
rainbow today 
or even tomorrow?

(things we want to know)

keep your fingers
on the right keys.

unlock subtle 

afternoon comes and
a nap becomes

some day we may
learn to be human,

just a small part of
nature's purple pallette.

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