Mom Bouquet

Mom Bouquet

only a few days ago, 
i passed by a bouquet 
with a message.

mom, it said, and
made me think 
of my own
long-gone mother.

my brother sent
a photograph
of her on skis,
from eighty
years ago.

no doubt, she was
a fabulous beauty,

with a wonderful smile.

the mom bouquet
is loaded with pink
colour and bright
pink text.

it is a celebration

i look and wish 
all mothers could
feel celebrated.

it saddens me to
know it is not
always so.

i have heard some
sad stories,

and wonder now
about my sister
her friends, and 
their friends.

i think about
the women
i have loved,

hoping i was not 
the best part 
of their lives!

6 thoughts on “Mom Bouquet

      1. My Mum is my world, I’m lucky to wake up besides her every morning 🤗 7am here, she’s sleeping, I’ll go make tea for her, will get some for you too my friend ☕ 🍩


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