Not Gone Nor Forgotten

Not Gone Nor Forgotten

those days 
were not as easy 
as the days that 
we have known.

artifacts of a past
our grandparents
may have lived:

the house beside 
a dirty pond,
(filled daily by 
nesting geese).

it stands,
decaying slowly,
on the edge of
the pond they built

(whoever it was, who
also built the house)

he thought he 
had it made
when he built it 
all here.

in those days, 
he had to work: 

build some buildings,
fall some trees.

it seemed no one, 
that he knew, cared
who claimed this land.

for those who knew
tree-covered hills,
he was a puzzle.

not far away,
a creek splashed by.

when he passed on,
it was expedient
to give this land back,

to those who loved
tree-covered hills.

how could i say 
what were the names
of all the players?

i doubt i knew any;
but there were artifacts,

artifacts of the past.

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