Useful Barn

very old barn,
in such good

the rest of the farm 
falls into ruin 
and down.

the good roof
protects this 

paint bakes and peels
in this climate,

burns a dark brown 
and then black

broiling sunshine,
so hot it burns 
away restful,

cooling shade;
we know little
relief or shelter.

we know a kind
of history about
this place,

a barn on a farm, 
supporting the hospital
and many patients:

such a useful thing.

no longer useful,
the wards were closed
until needed again,

for a new epidemic.

the useful barn
lived on, still useful.

years later, the barn
still stands, still useful,

it has value.

8 thoughts on “Useful Barn

  1. I love this. I love the ideas you inject into the old barn. And the idea of its usefulness particularly. You paint a picture here and tell a story. Wonderful


    1. Thank you blindzanygirl!

      I went there with my pocket camera and made three shots. Now I have shared all three. I hope to get out in a couple of days with my big Nikon. On the way to the farm are some rock formations…

      Liked by 1 person

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