Pompei Wall

Pompei Wall

a volcano on top 
of the mountain, 

they may have 
forgotten the sound, 

vulcan awoke, 
beat his anvil, 
blew smoke, 

and then the 
earth quaked
and land rose up 
out of the sea.

harbour went dry, 
temple walls
fell awry,

huge boulders rolled 
down from above

builders were called
to repair as they could

but the earth was not
finished quite yet.

a rumble and roar,
the crater blew up.

hot ash just flew
down the slope.

smothered and burned 
(vulcan's offerings 

now we look 
and wonder
everrything is all 
thrown asunder,

the walls, they fell down 
all over the town.

it came down 
with a roar.
vulcan hammered
the floor

they didn't 
understand then,  

we don't understand 
it much more.

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