Last Blossoms

we saw feral roses 
blooming by the lake,

nobody pruned
or watered them
in recent times.

never a weed
but not without
sharp defences,

their blooming
season almost
in the past,

they did impress,
demanding a bit
of attention from 
a photographer.

my photograph
triggers memory.

and that's good,
as i get older,
sometimes i can
use a bit of help.

8 thoughts on “Last Blossoms

  1. I love this, Murray. I love the word ‘feral’ and its implications. A dear older friend once described my poetry as feral and it remains my deepest compliment.

    I love it that your feral roses are lemon yellow – for me a colour of joy and generosity – and mine are crimson, fragranced as raspberries. Thank you for your tender words.


    1. Thank you writingpresence!

      Feral means “gone back to a condition of wildness” to me. A feral dog or cat is very spooky, and neglected, no longer trusting humans.

      For me, in this day and age, yellow roses just look bright and cheerful. Many years ago, flowers in bouquets had meanings. Yellow roses symbolised friendship. They were a declaration that friendship was the limit that the giver was offering.

      My favorite is the ‘peace’ rose, pale yellow petals, with pale pink edges. I planted one for my dear little wife at our last house. (Looking for our next house these days.)


    1. Thank you beth!

      We used to live by an abandoned orchard in a arid (semi-desert) place. Last time I was there, apples and plums barely survived. They were once watered by a now defunct aquaduct.

      This orchard badly needed water and pruning.

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  2. So enjoyed this Murray. In my past work i had reason to travel inland through bush and farmland often encountering old farm houses with an abandoned roses – so resilient.


  3. Thank you pvcann.

    I didn’t say, but a beautifully pruned rose can bloom pretty continuously most of the summer. I have sometimes done a nice pruning on roses and fruit trees. Some shapes are really good, producing more and ‘better’ fruit and flowers.

    And I like the idea of removing dead branches. They can create shade when some plants need all the light they can get. Feral ones that I have seen are amazing because they survived. They are a life-form that we have fostered and they do not seem as healthy when abandoned as those we care for.


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