Mediterranean Blue

many colours are called
mediterranean blue!

many claim the name
for many colours;

you never really know
what they mean.

i think about it,
for a few minutes:
the colour may be
the sky or sea

or the colour that
so many people
paint their doors.

walls are white;
doors are blue.
claiming a name
doesn't make it true.

beautiful white
houses fall down
when the earthquakes.

africa is on its way 
north towards europe.

people fill cracked walls
with plaster, and have
done so for a long time.

romans in pompei
were plastering
before the eruption.

but things fall down,
no matter how we try
to keep walls standing
they will someday fall.

eventually, all our works
amount to nothing.
call it how you wiil,
my, aren't we clever!

clearly clever doesn't cut it,
so why don't we try to be
a little more kindly instead;

work on making
ourselves a bit better?

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