Helmet and Bottles

Helmet and Bottles

in their museum,
we saw the helmet
and the bottles,

(oil and water?)

so much we 
have forgotten!
so much i
never knew!

cool museum.

bottles carved
from alabaster,

clay jars baked
in ancient kilns

now nestled
on glass shelves
on display,

mere thousands
of years later.

the helmet tells 
another story:

mobs of  
murderous monkeys
confront each other.

roaring self praise,
ugly threats,
screaming insults,
biting, scratching,

making some show!

we do what we can,
trying to be more 
than we are.

we went into 
the museum 
out of curiosity,

we went alone;
other tourists
walked on by,

we are two kinds 
of people: 
oil and water.

helmet and bottles.

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