Water Taxi

venetian gondolas
might seem cool

traditional treasures
on a romantic
look back to a past
we never knew.

we crossed bridges.
we saw tourists.

hottest weather
i had ever known.

many things
to be avoided,
but not gelato.

maybe gelato
saved our lives.

we didn't try a 
water taxi either.

we had other plans
and vaporettos,
took us where
we wanted to go.

the water itself
held no appeal.

on such hot days
everything smelled,

no perfume, so bad!
(she wasn't happy).

and like sand in
an hourglass,
our time ran out.

some memories
were very good.

varnished, polished,
water taxis, gleaming 
in hot sunlight by the sea,

glistened, and looked
like something we
might try some day.

if we had more time,
if the sand has
not run out.

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