In My Photograph

a new sport has 
come into my world,

sport for tourists:
run into my picture!

tourists come 
and tourists go.

into my pictures
until i am ready
to just give up.

when they see
me fall down,
thrashing wildly,

screaming out my

resigned to
dismal failure,

smiles are

looks of

they move off,
following our

tour guide,
who has a plan:

to get inside our
chilly tour bus,
out of the heat.

8 thoughts on “In My Photograph

  1. Strangers in my photos sometimes frustrates me and other times they add to the scenery! Either way great poem and picture… this one may have been better without the tourists! 😊


    1. Thank you Rhonda!

      I have lots of photos without people. This time, I gave up trying to make a composition that had no people.

      So I featured the old man who had to climb up on things so he could see better…


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