White Clover

lost among blades
of freshly watered
lawn, a clover
holds a bit of water

(even in dry season)

a dry wind wafts 
down from a hill, 
recently ravaged 
by wildfire.

secrets from an 
unforgiving universe

unable to forgive
or even understand
humans and their
inconsequential works.

things we can not
understand or know.

it sends roots down 
and about, reaching
for water and food.

a tiny white flower
among the blades.

solitary blades
grow in a cool
back yard.

the clover is vastly 
outnnumberd by
green blades,

i won't step there
and crush a life

frail and outnumbered
by so very many
green blades

we too are
frail and outnumbered.

look at the stars.

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