tiny white flowers lighten 
a mood in a garden.

almost as fine
as a baby's breath.

helping brighten our 
sometimes drab world.

white is all colours;
as black is none.

white brings brightness,
while black accentuates
existing colours.

so i want both, and more.

there are those times
i want only 
black and white

because a picture
can look better 
that way.

today my world is
the colours of smoke

visibility is reduced.
my landscapes
look alien, 


10 thoughts on “Alyssum

    1. Thank you arlene!

      The flowers in the picture are way bigger than real. The actual size is less than 1/4 inch across the flower.

      Where I live, almost every city has several businesses we call plant nurseries. We always ask their ‘experts’ what plants work in the local climate.


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