Lunar Eclipse 19d

in the east it rose 
       over the hill.

we looked and
   looked again.

it moved so slowly
   but it was a thrill.

      during dark night,
it is the brightest thing.

we have the legends,

      a silver surfer,
   man or goddess,
a rabbit in the sky

      take your pick,
every one's a lie.

rock around rock,
   where men have
      walked before...

      eclipsed by our
      ancient planet,

      so we look 
   some more

sometimes we see
it in a different light.
white turns reddish.

something takes
      a bite from the
   golden cookie.

      as we watch,
we see it heal itself.
the wound is
soon forgotten

      and in time 
      it will forget,
we were ever there.

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