Opening Buds

when i said what i said,

   what did you think
      i was trying to say?

these opening buds
      are a little like us,

   as we approach
the finishing of life.

so much to see and do,
so much to understand!

and when we're done,
      we could see a bit

   about who and what 
      we are and what we
might have become,

   what we could have
maybe been instead.

      such revelations,
amazing as anything
   in our entire lives,

we might understand
we are like blossoms

our understanding
      opening, almost 
ready to become.

2 thoughts on “Opening Buds

    1. Thank you writingpresence!

      1.Courage, 2.insight and 3.truth?

      1.Courage. I can say courage is when you persist even though you are scared to death. Hmm. Maybe not. I don’t get paralysed by fear often, maybe never. Too stupid to be afraid, maybe.

      2.Insight. Or maybe I get dumb ideas and write them down better than I think them.

      3.Truth. Why not? I’m not married to you. (Am I?)


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