Monochrome Version

Monochrome Version

bones of a tree!

without colour
a tree is a tree is a tree.

that does 
not change,

but when the 
colour's gone

we can concentrate 
on the bones 
of the thing

lines that tell stories

better sometimes
than entirety.

his bull looked
like nothing we
could imagine

but we were sure
it was the bones
of the idea.

then there are the
bones of a tree!

2 thoughts on “Monochrome Version

  1. I love this, Murray! Likening a tree silhouette to Picasso’s sense of line …

    Ironically, it is colour that makes a tree be a tree. As you know, it’s the chemical composition of the green pigment chlorophyll* that enables trees (and indeed all green plants) to be self-sufficient in energy capture from the sun.

    Hurrah for plants, which absorb carbon dioxide to make their very structure (bare bones included). And feed the Earth’s critters.

    (*I say “ironically” above, but here I am grinning.

    IRON is a key player in our blood pigment haemoglobin. In the chlorophyll molecule, however, MAGNESIUM is the key player)


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