Ripe Sunflower

food or flower,
these questions

come around
from time to time,

but demand no 
serious answers.

some think life
is just a joke,

cheap laughs for 
the far balconies.

then there are 
bright sunflowers,

yellow brightness
summer wonders,

promises of edible
treats for autumn.

yellow petals wither
before seeds ready

birds and people
must wait until

seeds are ready.

time doesn't hurry.
small birds must

smell the ripeness,
when the time

has come and 
the wait is over.

(i am a sunflower,
not quite ready,

2 thoughts on “Ripe Sunflower

  1. So much in this poem Murray. Many husky resonances with me. Tonight am feeling straggly, my petals withered as in your image, after major plumbing work and necessary restitution that follows.

    And after a good night’s sleep or seven, maybe my seeds will ripen ready for those small birds to feast.upon. Maybe they will start to sing. Sweet dreams!


    1. Thank you for the kindness and shared thoughts, writingpresence. There is a lot of content in your comment.

      I’m sorry you are not feeling better. We had a good day, topped off by a visit from a nephew with his two-year-old son. (Lots of laughter!)

      I hear my dear little old girls is asleep in her chair.

      Your withered metaphors remind me of some octogenarian friends. They worry me when they tell me how they are doing.

      Liked by 1 person

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