HIllside Lakeside

his brain is broken, 
he can't understand

he is an ostrich,
his head is in the sand.

he made a million dollars;
he's so good at that.

makes up all his best plans,
keeps them in his hat.

i look up at the lights
and see what 
he can't see.

he plans and schemes 
to get ahead. 

he doesn't know: 
ahead of what. 

he is a evil little man
a twisted little brain

although he can't see 
that beauty 
still remains.

2 thoughts on “HIllside Lakeside

  1. Even though he is an ‘evil little man’ you are still able to refer to him as your friend. Perhaps you are being ironic or perhaps you have genuime compassion for his ‘twisted little brain’. Either way, this poem has teeth!


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