Made of Stone

      drag my feet;
it won't slow down.

   look for stone dragons
no gorgons go this way.

a mystery is played.

      the third act is 
the same

   something is made
of sand, made of stone.

   i saw the deer,
      resting in the shade,
sheltering from the sun.

again i saw her,
      eating apples
      from the tree.

who is she then?

      an antelope,
gliding over a fence
   almost like
it wasn't there.

   the apple smells
different when ripe.

      she knows when 
it is ready to be eaten,

and seldom if ever
      gets it wrong.

   i watch in wonder;
she's so beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Made of Stone

    1. Thank you singlikewildflowers!

      These rocks are naturally weathered sandstone, from an island on the west coast of North America.

      They give me an idea, that I might make some sculptures from concrete, with similar shapes.

      When I first saw them, I thought that they were some kind of mushrooms.


      1. Your sculpture idea sounds interesting. You should definitely do it!
        These weathered sandstones do look like mushrooms; rocks are fascinating in their shapes and textures. My kids and I have an ongoing rock collection that we enjoy looking up and then adding more to our collection. lol.


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