Burning Bush

Burning Bush

he never saw it coming:
a voice spoke his name

from the middle of
a burning bush.

was he delusional?

he couldn't know.
and that upset him.

looking into the flames,
he saw a face,

(not anybody he knew)

the voice was inhuman,
confident and strong,

accustomed to 

what he said was 
immediately done

a universe was born
from his thought.

a man might choose
his own pathways

as some did.
unruly creatures!

(who know better
but make their own
nasty messes)

2 thoughts on “Burning Bush

    1. Thank you100 Country Trek!
      (I don’t need your actual name. The inet is a dangerous place and lots of people protect themselves with pseudonyms (aka). I respect that as a good idea. Stay safe.


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