Green Bulb and Snow

      after dark this 
      time of year,
many coloured 
   lights appear.

our emerald light 
   may remind us
of future green,
      due in spring.

   now it brings cheer, 
when short dark days
make many of us sad
   as darkness weighs
      heavy on us

because we need
   such light to see

      and feel alive
as we should be.

      this green light
   borrows colours
   we see with blue
in snowflake reflections
      in the dark of night,

we may be green;
      we may be blue.

winter chill approaches
   as we sleep our dark
   cold winter nights 
      clear through.

(and fail to remember 
   heat like we had
      last summer)

2 thoughts on “Green Bulb and Snow

    1. Thank you arlenecorwin!
      I don’r know. Maybe you have mistaken me for somwbody else. Often, I struggle with finding the words I want.

      Seriously, I don’t know how I got into your email. Tomorrow, I plan to share a black and white floral image. I really like that picture.


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