Lamppost by a Bridge

      so many things
we'd never seen,

things we heard of,
      things we never
   dreamt we'd see.
      antique everything,
everywhere we looked.

but nobody seemed
   to care about any
      ancient ways or
the artifacts.

   canal water is tidal,
flushing twice a day.

      under the water
a roman causeway
   connected venice

to the rest of europe.

      history said
   that barbarians 
would or could not
   chase refugees
   into the lagoon

but there was
      a causeway.

2 thoughts on “Lamppost by a Bridge

    1. Thank you for commenting arlenecorwin!
      I respect that it could be that tears can be a good thing, that the picture and poem may have spoken to you in a special way. Still I’m not happy if it made you sad. Sorry.


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