Delivery Truck

   before that day 
we never dreamt 

      we'd ever see 
such a hard-working
      little machine. 

life in these islands 
   has its own rules,
      at its own pace. 

we know so little 
of these people 
   and this place. 

people everywhere 
      like a sip or two, 

   a bit of drunken fun 
and a crooked smile 
      might do. 

this little truck 
   drove slowly
      up the hill, 

cases of water
      or wine, 
who can tell? 

it's written on 
      the doors, 
but i can't read 
      the words. 

greek to me

2 thoughts on “Delivery Truck

    1. Thank you arlenecorwin!
      This little sparkling wine delivery truck was on such a narrow street that all of us pedestrians had to carefully step aside.

      The driver would not know how different it would seem to north americans (like us).


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