Musical Ride

   mounted police in 
bright scarlet tunics:

   a spectacle i never
thought i would see!

red serge tunics,
      coal black horses

   black stetson hats
protect riders from 
   a hot summer sun

      rapid black horses
mountains of muscle

running and snorting
      hooves thump the
shivering ground

mainly unaware of
      how they look,

   timid creatures,
grown in the wild

      to run away from
trouble and danger,

   but can be trained
      to run wherever
you wish they would.

10 thoughts on “Musical Ride

    1. Thank you writingpresence!

      Same Mounties. The musical ride had been shut down for years. For some reason they were brought back in 2013.

      We just got back from Rome, (and the Vatican) Venice, Murano, Kriti (Crete), Rhodos, Mikonos, Santorini and Turkey. Maybe I forgot somewhere important.

      And then we heard the RCMP Musical Ride was back, and conveniently going to be nearby soon after. Amazing!


      1. Ah, delightful contingency (or synchronicity) of the RCMP horses, all thundering hooves and flaring nostrils, visiting near you on your return home.
        And your welcome comment is a vehicle for sharing with us your itinerary for the 2013 travels in Europe. I’d often wondered about the times and places of your Mediterranean photographs.

        I have only twice travelled beyond UK, in 1970s to Switzerland in a work connection, so I love it to travel abroad vicariously through another’s eyes.


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