Black Pegasus

and there it was:
      a black Pegasus!

in my mind i saw
   and wondered:

      why was it not
a white pegasus,
   as usually seen?

   evidence was there,
presented to my eyes:

a black pegasus.

adventures on wings!

born from his mother's
      last battle.

taking heroes on his back, 
      sharing an adventure.

finally he was captured
      by bellerophon

   and sent to 
   guide the stories
of the black night sky,

now he can be seen: 
      a large rectangle, 
marked by tiny points
   of light in the night.

a black pegasus;
      it makes you wonder.

6 thoughts on “Black Pegasus

  1. How erudite you are! I don’t know much about Bellerophon – but I did see the Square of Pegasus in the night sky, a long while ago. and my first adult bike – a hand-down from the 1940s, and made by Raleigh – was called Pegasus. It was stolen, sadly, when I was a research student. Thank you for the memory x


    1. Thank you for the kindness writingpresence!
      Yes. Sometimes I read.

      I lost a handmade SUN tenspeed to a thief, while at university, about 1980. It was locked in an outdoor bike rack. Big help that was!

      It was a fast bike. I used to pass traffic in the city. I think Raleigh bout SUN.


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