Outraged Husbands

slaughter of innocents:
such a popular theme
that even today,

thousands of years later,
incised depictions
survive to tell the tale.

men who went 
to war for years,

coming home to find
unknown children and
embarrassed wives.

slaughtering these children, 
presumeably their wives,
and presumed fathers,

a bunch of victims all told.

is this story of betrayal 
or of men, 
made violent by war?

of women giving up
that husbands would 
ever come home?

(no justification for 
all the kinds of cruelty 
inflicted on women.)

2 thoughts on “Outraged Husbands

    1. Thanks for your comment beth.

      We don’t need a battle, maybe a look at each of the positions in this ancient story will help. (Even the idea that there were two major differences might help.)

      I wonder if this was an early ‘justification’ of the development of patriarchy systems. (Seeing only one side of things.) This has to be at least 2500 years old…

      Evolution of societies can take a very long time.

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