Tiny Flowers

Tiny Flowers

so tiny and white! 
in a bundle of a
seasonal bouquet.

from so slose up,
special lenses are

beautiful in the eyes
of the viewer,
tiny flowers in a vase,

with poinsettias,
in a red shiny bowl.

my tiny camera,
i carry almost always,
inside and outdoors

could be my best friend.

we had a play-date
with a little child,

who told me that he
loved his toy,
and stopped to think,
only an instant.

"i love mommy i love daddy"
he said without prompting.

8 thoughts on “Tiny Flowers

  1. How this grabs me today: poignant, almost painfully tenderly so. May you always have a best friend, Murray!
    And may we always have playdates, those sweetest of times… with little children, or best friends, or both.


    1. Thank you writingpresence!

      My best friend is on the phone now, talking to her friend, hundreds of miles away. I like to give a kid respect due to any human being. Even as young as this one is.

      He can have memories of an old uncle who was always his friend.


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