some things i can't
remember any more.

gone like a wisp of 
      smoke in the wind.

      i am not alone.
who remembers
   blank spaces 
on an ancient vase?

    can we remember
things we never saw
or heard or thought.

bring back those
      good old days,

when things were 
   so much simpler.

      this icy morning,
when i can see frost 
   on the driveway,

      and i know that 
   i don't want to go 
outside to find food,

      better days,

      i'd like them
to be restored.

4 thoughts on “Restored

  1. Absolutely adore this one! Your simplicity, depth and finally the poem itself – well, there’s no word for it!

    Now for me: A not-so-hidden attempt at PR.

    Everybody’ Knows…

    Everyone who knows, Who reads the poetry, the prose Corwin writes most everyday – Compulsion, play? “Neither/both”, she’d likely say.

    The motivation found in phrases, idioms, Remarks and comments, Utterances and quotation, Word construction, Obligation and instruction – Every layer stimulation Like the sanctity of prayer.

    Impulse that’s become a habit; Drive and urge that de-inhibits; Therapy come from above: The brain, the mind The zillion synapses behind The intellect and intuition.

    It may be few Who read each newborn Clause and sentence Borne of cues, the dues we pay, The hues that color every offshoot, Fortunate, its opposite…

    Thinking of and thanking you Who read a Corwin line or two. You’re so, so welcome to review and re-review, Share with those who may think It contributes to Well-being.

    Everybody Knows 1.22.2022 Pure Nakedness II; The Processes: Creative, thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin



    1. Thank you arlenecorwin!

      That’s an amazing ‘comment’. I haven’t got the tim tonight to write a novel-length response.

      My simplicity? Maybe I’ve had a minor COVID infection and suffered brain damage. That is one of the possibilities I believed reasonable as a humanity extinction scenario did involve a virus-type infection that made us even stupider than we are.

      Science fiction. Would never happen. Now we have a COVID pandemic. (They say a mild infection could result in brain damage.)

      So I can accept the “Your simplicity” comment… I like some of Conrad’s very simple (and very easy to read writing, and Ernest Hemingway’s)

      Now I have to go.


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