Party Colour

Party Colour

   some colours scream,
there is a party going on

somewhere nearby,
      loud and exciting.

      at some parties,
   people act foolishly
if properly encouraged.

shout and scream
      fall down without tears.

   purple and yellow,
   bright orange like

a little bit of green!

      january flowers
are found indoors,

and seem to be so
   out of context
   with the season.

the bright colours
      cheer us though,

   which has value
now that all our

winter celebrations
      are over and
the lights are off.

21 thoughts on “Party Colour

      1. Thank you BBYCGN!

        It isn’t one I use often. I like to think that I use simple words mainly.

        Often simple words are shorter and take less typing. Impressive words
        tend to be longer and I have arthritis in my fingers.

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      2. You’ve inspired me. Since I wrote everyday, -four or fives thfusandpoems, 18 books, especially interest in the word I think I’ll write something about ‘perspicacity’. Also about:.Chronic Pain Of Rhabdomyolysis In Rare Diseases
        Seven Tips To Evade Narcissists
        Animal Kingdom Freaks
        Haven’t read them yet, but will definitely do so! πŸ’–

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      3. Thank you for the kindness arlenecorwin!

        I’ve written thousands of poems, and a couple of novels. I don’t like my novels, and you will probably never see them.

        I might write another, if I think I can write something that I’ll like and like to share.

        I sometimes communicate with a Russian/American quantum physicist/artisr/philosopher who wanted me to analyse and argue her papers and ideas.

        I could understand the papers okay, but really did not want to write detailed analyses about them. I only have so much time in a day and too many things to do already.

        ‘Perspicacity’ is interesting. I was just reading an article in a scientific site that says old brains are more capable of wisdom than young ones. It did not examine insightfulness.


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