Finding Chaos

when i see flowers,

   it isn't just about
   spins and whirls
of fabulous colour.

i see wonderful
      chaotic ideas

without any words. 

a pastel orange
   daisy-like thing

   nestled beside
      bright purples.
(yellow-centred things)

whether i even
      like flowers,

   there is something
wonderful about this

kind of chaotic beauty. 

      a certain kind of 
unruliness and an 
   unwillingness to
   follow any rules.

2 thoughts on “Finding Chaos

  1. wonderful
    chaotic ideas

    without any words.

    I love this Murray! Sounds like the inside of my brain on a rest day… I don’t have truly restful days very often.
    Perhaps we can instigate the rest-minute?

    Wishing you well at Imbolc/St Brighid’s Day/Candlemas. May your flowery dances be charismatically chaotic.


    1. Thank you writingpresence!

      Interesting commentary. When I think, I do not have images or words. I consciously connect my quite abstract thoughts to pictures or words.

      I enjoy photography and poetry largely because I can communicate with other people by use of them. They are very good to me.

      Rest minute? Like meditation? I do like a good afternoon nap. Candlemas? Hmmmm.


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