Quake Rubble

africa is coming north
pushing up against
southern europe

so there's tension
which is sometimes
released in earthquakes
and volcanoes

and things fall down.

well-built about a 
thousand years ago
and even more

walls have fallen

 so sheltering against
a wall might not be

the best idea
because it could
fall on you
without warning

we should choose
our refuges carefully

8 thoughts on “Quake Rubble

    1. Thank you arlenecorwin!

      If you had access to Google+, as well, you would probably now have over 2000 of my poems. Google+ was shut down about a year ago.

      I think I have digital copies of all my poetry files I published there. All in all, I have written and shared too many poems to ever do a collected poems book. Maybe a selection.


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