Forgetting Snow

Forgetting Snow

forging ahead thoughtless
      one moment at a time

living the only place
      life is possible

   this time of year
maybe if we tried
      we could be 
forgetting snow

   it isn't easy to be
really thoughtless

      the past is done
and all the value in it 
      is remembering
mistakes we made

      so we won't 
make them again

thinking about tulips
      we can see their
past present future

   ours may not be
quite as beautiful

7 thoughts on “Forgetting Snow

    1. Thank you thegenxtravels!

      I’m sorry about that snow. We had a few flakes about a week ago. No daffodils yet. No tulips either.

      Let’s decide to believe that spring is springing, more or less as it should. We might be fine.

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