Assured Destruction

Assured Destruction

city council's said 
   it was all right
   to tear it down

   making way for
something newer

they call it progress
      don't you know

some people might
      have called it 
   a fine example

architectural treasure
   someone might say

developers might protest
      a vague unfavorable
opinion that may suggest

   destruction of a rare gem
a survivor and cultural icon

only a hundred years ago
      a little more or less

   a new and wonderful
building way back then

   bright future ahead
   back then but now
      that future's gone

city council's said 
   it was all right
   to tear it down

4 thoughts on “Assured Destruction

  1. with what emotion
    do I receive
    this your world-reproach
    your sadness,
    At first
    I find a peal
    of “told you so”
    as if, if only now are you
    (representing World, the Other)
    noticing what I have seen since infancy
    in banished fragments of my heart?

    yet no, beneath that is a fellow grief
    a kinship clinging to the raft
    on which we grip
    the sanity of words
    in the maelstron of
    the ever river.

    the story, tell the elegy again.
    Speak the terse paricular
    and I will read, and stand again
    at the gate to memory
    trying to catch the sawdust
    the nails with compassion
    before I let them, let you

    Copyright Kathy Labrum Mcvittie 24 April 2022


  2. Oh Murray, You break my heart with your deep ad sharp observations. Your brief and quintessential stanza form. Just wonderful. I hope it/you can influence society. Wonderful and beautiful.

    My little ‘societal’ observation: Character vs Gifts

    Such a strange phenomenon. Character un-virtuous, Talents filled with brilliance, Artistry, ability of genius… Artists of renown, (some dead) Writing, playing, painting, singing, Like the angel world, like angels would, But whirling round the genius head. Lies, theft, brute force — and nothing left.

    Dichotomy and contrast, * Contradiction, gulf and chasm in the highest. We see wealthy and accomplished men, Women too, revealed on TV: Corruption!

    How are we to take it in, Contain the split? All that we can do is do Our very best to not encourage it.

    Correcting as we go along in strife and life. Use gifts (for they are many) To equalize the rifts and gifts * So that the attributes of virtuous integrity Are one of quality In personality, identity and essence. Character Vs Gifts 4.21.2022 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

    Helpful hints: dichotomy * there is a great dichotomy between social theory and practice: difference, division, separation, divorce, split, disjunction, polarity, lack of consistency, contradiction, antagonism, conflict; rift ** fault, flaw, split, break, breach, fissure, fracture, cleft, crevice, gap, cranny, slit, chink, interstice, cavity, opening, space, hole, aperture, crack



    1. Thank you arlenecorwin!

      I’m sorry for sadness or heartbreak I may contribute to. I felt I needed to comment, as I have seen very old houses destroyed before. I don’t like to see beautiful old things demolished.


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