Walls We Build

piles of stone divide
      that was the plan

and sometimes walls 
   protected people

not failing quickly

sometimes we were 
   barbarians were us
walls fail sometimes
   keeping people out

keeping people in
      protecting a city
(imprisoning many)

tear down the wall
   an old man said

   when a wall falls
      a kind of beauty
to rubble left behind

shelter is one thing
   (a safety of home)
oppression another

though we need
      each other
there is no question
   walls divide us

7 thoughts on “Walls We Build

  1. Apologia, But…

    No politician I, Peace loving, appreciative, Like so many, non-activist-ive Going round my little world a little elf Developing the Self.

    Suddenly I find my mind’s in different mode. A neutral country’s been attacked, Civilians killed by torture, rape, brutalities A brand new fact. Age-old tactic, Guns and bullets notwithstanding.

    Behind it all, perhaps in front. A globe is grunting. Falling, falling, Some are stalling out of greed’s self-interest. We may just fail that test Of world survival. Then comes Putin’s war as rival.

    I, the spiritual and meditative, Philosophical and art creative Find myself involved. God-oriented me Wants to see The world revolve:

    Sunshine, seasons, myriad reasons To respect our fellow man; Love and peace and cease to war – Because we can! We can! Apologia, But 5.16.2022 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin



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