Purple Alium

Purple Alium

   larger than life
closer than ever

   we want to know
because we're lost

      this is a place
we'll never understand

      ravens and crows
from prehistoric days

they sing their songs
      a raucous racket
   in nearby forests

but here we see
      purple aliums

      in a garden
that once was forest

that time is gone

the purpose of an alium
      we'd like to know

but it is unimportant
      what we would like

    we are ignorant
      bit players 
in a universe
seeming not to care

6 thoughts on “Purple Alium

  1. Good to see this poem today, Murray. Purple Alliums are an important flower for me – and I have one in bud in my new garden here…
    Ravens and Crows are also important to me, birds I associate with my new squeeze. Synchronicity strikes again!


      1. Thank you writingpresence!
        Sorry I mis-spelled. When I was a kid, I learned reading and remembered spelling quickly and easily. In the past few years, I have noticed that some spelling isn’t so easy.

        Alliums are the onion family. Som I found “Alium” to be the name of a company that does battery research.


  2. You’re right – the universe or multiverses don’t ‘care’, they act according to the laws of nature’s cause/effect. *caring’ is for God alone in Its or His ‘Nature’.


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