Fatal Wounds

Fatal Wounds

      sometimes fatal 
wounds are painless 

   there is no time
      to form a scab

siding torn off walls
   leaving just siding

      guts exposed
to carrion seekers

anticipating and death
decay maybe termites

rich wood colours
      centuries old

look and marvel
   these colours
don't come easy

small running feet
   of young children
echo on those floors

   celebrating beginning
a life we might've envied
      (our forefathers)

4 thoughts on “Fatal Wounds

  1. not sure to what ‘(our forefathers)’ refers?

    it relates to the whole juicy poem, obviously, but why is it just there at the end, bracketed as almost an afterthought? Leaves me feeling there is something to resolve… perhaps it would fit better earlier in the poem?


    1. Thank you writingpresence!

      I meant to refer to an earlier time (a hundred years before the present when it has been destroyed).

      Sometimes it isn’t easy to say things in just a few lines.


    1. Thank you arlenecorwin!

      Sometimes deciphering a poem is like understanding a dream you can’t quite remember, a dream you had a week ago.

      You have a better chance if you know the poet or are the poet…


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