Burning Bush #2

Burning Bush

      stories were told
about magical
   solutions to 
heartbreaking problems

ancient peoples 
   lived with and
somehow solved
potential disaster

      a ram entangled 
in a burning bush

   saved a boy's life
an alternate sacrifice 
sent from a merciful god

to an anguished father
      (no doubt of that)
who planned to murder
   his only son

(as a sacrifice to
      placate a god)

   these are flowers
from a burning bush

maybe it's the same
       or maybe it isn't

      (i don't know) or
much like the idea of 
   human sacrifice

   it sounds a little
bit like extreme belief

2 thoughts on “Burning Bush #2

    1. Thank you arlenecorwin!

      Maybe extreme faith. But I can’t imagine myself ever threatening another human (with a sacrificial dagger?). No. I can’t imagine an excuse for thinking that human sacrifice was OK.


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