Bricks on the Chimney

Bricks on the Chimney

looking up to the top
      we see the past
   above the rooftop

bricks on the chimney
      broken and fallen

   evident destruction 
   shows no respect
for a past that made
the present possible

stories under that roof
      will be forgotten

we saw the workmen
   carrying debris
from an open door
      working safely

removing memories
   that still remained
      (not many did)

rejected memories
   may be half forgotten

6 thoughts on “Bricks on the Chimney

  1. Lovely image and pondering! As it happens, I’ve started taking photos of chimneys around Hobart for an up-coming series. It’s a project I’ve been contemplating for YEARS! They are often overlooked and neglected but when you start to notice them there’s so much variety and styles.


      1. I’ve well and truely started, spent about 5 hours wandering around the streets in a few suburbs last Saturday looking skyward, I must have looked like a right nutter! There’s gold on them thar rooftop though, when one cares to take notice 😀


    1. Thank you TasView(Tone)!

      Amazing. I guess every government overdevelops. (Or permits it.) I guess enough people demand it, and governments can’t resist. Nature suffers. This bothers me too. I like to photograph natural landscapes. They are getting harder and harder to find. I find I am more and more often, shooting around human artefacts.


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