In Black and White

In Black and White

   before they killed
      the house
they killed the trees

      its there in 
   black and white
the mess they made

      its more than 
black and white
many grey-tones

   fill a gap between
the black and white

there seem so many
shades in shadows

undistracted by colour
      we see more detail

room for different
   kinds of beauty

things we might
      not ever see

(in plain sight)
hiding in shadow

5 thoughts on “In Black and White

    1. Thank you TasView(Tone)!

      This is my third or fourth try to reply.

      I think the remains of this old house, and its neighbours, have been trucked away by now.
      Its distressing and annoying to watch.

      And its miles away and with the phenomenal price of gasoline, I don’t go far without a good
      reason, these days. So my photo is weeks old.

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      1. Hobart is going through a knock it down, build it big phase so I know what you mean 😢 The University is intent on buying up half of Hobart and moving in. It will drastically change the city.


      2. Hobart is built around the River Derwent and the surrounds are pretty hilly. Adding more suburbs further out – as we are doing – creates more traffic congestion. Public transport isn’t great here, we don’t have passenger trains anymore and the river is underutilised. You might say a failure of forward planning by successive governments.


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