Bachelor Endgame

fascinating how life
      surprises people

   and we're not alone
   surprises are there
for all of us and more

      it looked radically
different when i looked

      like nothing i 
had seen before

i knew it was a 
      flower's end

and a new beginning
   its how it goes

   not too long ago
it was bright blue

      a vivid colour
anyone would see

fascinating how life
      surprises people

and we're not alone
   surprises are there
for all of us and more

3 thoughts on “Bachelor Endgame

  1. A stunning photograph, and I wonder what species this is? I’m guessing something with Bachelor in its common name, and botanically in the Asteraceae (formerly Compositae).
    The Bachelor name pressed a flowery button with me as I have reached an endgame, seemingly, in a particular friendship… Now I am looking on into brighter surprises, perhaps not the “end … a new beginning/ it’s how it goes”


    1. Thank you Array!

      We call these (vivid blue) flowers ‘bachelor buttons’. They appear to attract hummingbirds. I believe I have posted several photographs of them recently. I plan the post even more.

      I’m sorry about the fading friendship. We are lonely creatures and need companionship. We look for good companions and sometimes find them. I lost one friend when absolutely unacceptable behaviour ruled out any future association. As I write, I remember previous examples, where I could not forgive…

      And then there’s a few 80-something-year-olds who I will probably want to stay friends with until we are gone. A physician, a veterinarian and an artist.


    2. Thank you array!

      Bachelor Button! Sorry. Sometimes people do unforgivable things and we see that they no longer have value in our lives. We have to sever all ties. I have not done it often, or recently.


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