Monday Bliss

Monday Bliss

look out the window
autumn's cool morning

october beautiful
(it's coming this way)

pulling virginia creeper
out of our cedar hedge

buckets of sunshine
splashing down on us

autumn's cooler noon

thinking of lunchtime
long shadows in the

golden hours of 
morning and evening

afternoon fades
moving towards
cool evening hours

dark abysmal night
comes quietly
gold turns blue 
then black

and then we rest


4 thoughts on “Monday Bliss

    1. Thank you arlenecorwin.

      It varies. Sometimes I can write straight out of my subconscious, which can be beautiful. Or I do a lot of editing and rewriting. I might be a pretty good editor. 🙂

      Sometimes I write for hours at a time.

      I know my poetry might be good, but I believe it is most important how it connects with the reader. Once a poem is written, I’m not that important any more.


      1. May as well start sending you stuff, writing continuously (as you seem to do) This morning’s work.


        Each day so filed with detail We ignore or get derailed, To suffer needlessly, Heedlessly.

        So important That we learn from our encounters, From each circumstance – Taken as a glimpse, a glance, The dance of life.

        Life skill, empirical, Exposure to, involvement in: Plain practical Yet philosophical.

        ‘Experience’ itself a word whose origin Is Latin,’meaning ‘try’, as in ‘Experiment’ and ‘expert’. Life is short and full of incident.

        The commonplace events All adding up to trials and tests, Those ordeals vested in The media or in the flesh. All’s come before – nothing’s fresh.

        So, each encounter Ought be met as life’s adventure, Each a contact with the now, To burn for, turn or not return to Learn and earn from each – somehow. Experience 9.28.2022 I Is Always We Is You; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin



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