old stories
were told of
a young man,

in love with

   flowers are,
as we should

      a little

   and many
can brighten

our spring

      people are
a bit like that.

now that we
   hardly ever 
      see them,

      we can 
the beautiful

Heliconia Seven

   a favorite, it 
      grows in a
warm place,
i've never been.

      several years 
have gone now
   and there may
be no way back.

exotic and bright,
   it pleased me:
   something so 
strange and

   tropical sun
powers colour
to overwhelm

my temperate
   vision, and
i am almost

Ladybug, ladybug

   small predators
can do amazing
      damage to a
colony of aphids.

      our roses,
      from a very 
bad invasion,

      one morning,
just before sunrise,
one summer day,

   as i applied the
small paintbrush
      painting hope
onto dying roses.

      a company of 
    tiny carnivores,
assured of victory, 
      as I finished, 

   almost before 
a slaughter of 
      the aphids, 

   a quick feast
for ladybugs 


see where i've been
   a vibrant garden,
      it all stands still
this coloured scene.

hurtle through
    the sky, some
summer day

   five hundred 
miles per hour,
      so they say.

      a garden has
some mystery, 
a latent threat,

a body buried
   no regrets.

   a virus, all
invisible has
peace of mind.

estranging friend
   from friend, who
   could not stand
comfortably close,

to share those
   all important

social creatures
   mad monkeys
      in a riot,

   how can the
      centre hold,
it's never quiet.

see where i've been
   a vibrant garden,
   it all stands still
this coloured scene.

October Magnolia

   look again, as
chilly rain drops 
from a dark gray
      sky, as we
watch slow decay
   and walk on by.

   magnolias do 
   a good show
   in the spring.
fabulous flowers
      never last
long enough.

   by october,
there is little
      of what it 
   used to be. 
no flowers left.

a sudden frost,
and then we see
      even leaves
   can survive
just so much:
    all must fall.

      we wait for
winter blizzards,
   to waken in
   icy mornings
to see shocking
white snowdrifts,

to watch warm
   pillows falling,
   changing our
      frozen world,
every landscape.

Virginia Creeper 2

Virginia Creeper 2

virginia creeper
      on a black 
chain-link fence.

we would never
   have believed that
it would ever
      look like that.

   but now, we've
thought about it, 
      and every year
it looks like this.

      that, this and
the other. it comes
   back each year.
   more vivid than
i'd have thought.

someday, perhaps,
i'll learn to
trust my eyes.

virginia creeper
      on a black 
chain-link fence.

Fuzzy Focus

   is it never
   when it 
looks out 
      of focus?

   focus is
and we seem
      to like it.

      but is it
ever to be

too much time
   in easy chairs
might make
my back ache.

   sometimes i
   need to find a
less comfortable

   i need to 
      refocus on
certainty and
      learn to see
the never seen,

   and maybe
beyond focus,
   where there
are different

Phlox in a Sunbeam

   on hands and knees
i twist and stretch
looking for an image
      i could love,

   up above it all,
      a golden light
cruises overhead.

   but shadows move

   so things change.
i see no movement,
      and so it is.

   my vision has no
   great value. i
      do not matter.

   and there it is!
      the very thing
i wanted, picture
   of joy, summer
      on a screen.

   i'll put it
      on a page.
someone will
surely love it.
      so i like to 
   think, anyways