Fuzzy Focus

   is it never
   when it 
looks out 
      of focus?

   focus is
and we seem
      to like it.

      but is it
ever to be

too much time
   in easy chairs
might make
my back ache.

   sometimes i
   need to find a
less comfortable

   i need to 
      refocus on
certainty and
      learn to see
the never seen,

   and maybe
beyond focus,
   where there
are different

Phlox in a Sunbeam

   on hands and knees
i twist and stretch
looking for an image
      i could love,

   up above it all,
      a golden light
cruises overhead.

   but shadows move

   so things change.
i see no movement,
      and so it is.

   my vision has no
   great value. i
      do not matter.

   and there it is!
      the very thing
i wanted, picture
   of joy, summer
      on a screen.

   i'll put it
      on a page.
someone will
surely love it.
      so i like to 
   think, anyways


   autumn, in our
garden is still
      a lively place

   things change
   as the light
begins to fail

      while now,
honey bees,
   are back

      and colchicum
   suddenly comes up
(we had forgotten)

from distant fires
      imported smoke
   has come again

fueled by 
   dry things, 

   by some who
      do not care.
our world burns up

      they think it
is their world.
   but i don't care

      whose name
   is on their deed.
(their smoke is ours)